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Hot stuff: Samantha, Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda are seen walking through the desert in scenes filmed in Morocco for the new movieCarrie gets into eastern mode donning a turban for scenes shot outside the group's native New YorkSamantha wears a daring swimsuit as she relaxes in foreign climes for the new film - SJP has said that shooting the new movie was 'probably the most fun we've ever had'Sex and the City 2Sex and the City 2Charlotte (Kristin Davis) appears to be taking motherhood in her stride but later in the trailer Carrie reveals that 'Sometimes you just have to get away with the girls'All of the characters and their spouses return for the sequel - the short trailer gives nothing away about the plot of the new filmCarrie's marriage to Big is said to be put to the test in the sequel which is set to hit the big screen in May 2010

It promises to be a box-office smash when it’s released next year, and after months of seeing teaser photos we finally have a chance to check out what’s in store for the Sex And The City movie sequel in the first official trailer.

Sarah Jessica Parker, 44, returns to the big screen as Carrie and her friends Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) take on another adventure set two years after the events of the first film.

According to reports Sex and the City 2 will see Carrie’s marriage to Mr. Big being put to a test, Samantha having to downgrade her glamorous lifestyle and Miranda quitting her law practice.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who stars alongside Hugh Grant in her latest film Did Your Hear About The Morgans?, recently denied rumours that the cast of the film have fallen out.

The actress told Star magazine: ‘It’s ridiculous, I love the cast and spending time with them – it was peculiar to me to see the scrutiny the four of us have come under.’

She added: ‘We love each other. Could we spend more time together? If that existed in our lives, absolutely.

‘Do I see Cynthia Nixon as much as I want to? Never. Kristin Davis or Kim Cattrall? Never.

‘It’s just not the way our lives work. I don’t see my best friends as much as I want to. But that doesn’t mean there is any less affection.

‘Ultimately we respect each other and we really like each other.’

She also described the new film, which is due to hit the big screen in May 2010, as ‘probably the most fun we’ve ever had’.

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Models refused to wear THOSE McQueen Shoes!

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It seems the stylist and creative director at Mark Fast’s London Fashion Week presentation weren’t the only fashion professionals who staged a walk-out at the shows this season.

Model Abbey Lee Kershaw has spilled to the Frockwriter blog that she and fellow models Natasha Poly and Sasha Pivovarova refused point blank to walk in THOSE crazy shoes at the Alexander McQueen show.

The trio of models struck a blow for beautiful peoples’ rights by deciding amongst themselves that the 10-inch high Armadillo shoes just weren’t worth the risk, choosing instead not to appear in the model line-up for McQueen’s prestigious show.

We’ve since seen Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga clopping about in the Armadillos (although to be fair, posing briefly on the red carpet, and lolling kookily in the Bad Romance video, respectively, are not the same as gruelling tramping up and down required on McQueen’s never-ending catwalk).

Kershaw is right to be cautious. After all, it was only a year ago that she fainted after being squeezed into a too-tight corset at Alexander McQueen’s spring ’09 show (pictured below)… [TheCut]


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SATC2 - trailer

SATC2 Sneak Peek Tonight!

Slip off your Manolos and pour yourself a cosmo! The time has come for a little sneak peek of Sex and The City 2! Tonight at 10:30pm EST, is posting a teaser from the much-anticipated sequel. Rumor has it this film is a little more fun (read: less heartbreaking) than the first, and based on the colorful fashion (and smiling faces) we’ve spotted on Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte, we believe it!

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Headline act: Lady GaGa covers what little modesty she has left with newspaper cuttings for a new photo shootMetropolis: Lady Gaga pays homage to the classic sci-fi filmFallen angel: The singer lies fallen from a wheelchair complete with pink afro and floral backgroundDamsel in distress? Lady Gaga lies naked in Kanye West's arm for new photo shootElectrifying: Lady Gaga gets wired up

The singer was snapped by acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle for a series of images that perfectly match her bizarre, sexy and outrageous personality.

And she even managed to persuade good friend Kanye West to take part, although he probably had no complaints.

Completely naked, GaGa lies in his arms with one hand covering her breast, as he stares zombie-like into the distance as a volcano rages behind them.

In what could be a subtle nod towards one of cinema’s most iconic film posters, Gaga also goes futuristic Metropolis-style as she stands on crutches over sleeping naked people, dressed in an android-esque two-piece with matching helmet and arms.

In another, she lies as though fallen from the wheelchair, on a mirrored floor in a doll-like pose, with pink afro hair surrounded by pink flowers and a blue sky.

And of course, we all know that Lady GaGa is no wallflower and no photo shoot would be complete with just one naked picture.

In what could be a subtle dig at the world’s press, the singer stares provocatively at the camera as newspaper headlines that scream scandal cover her modesty.

And in the last shot, New York-born GaGa, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is in her birthday suit once again, strapped to a generator as electricity shoots out of her hands, head and nether regions.

The shots feature in the super deluxe limited edition of her new album The Fame Monster which contains all the original tracks from her debut CD The Fame, plus eight new ones.

Not only does it come with a booklet containing these amazing pictures, but giving fans a very unusual and very weird treat, she has also included a lock of her hair.

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