Famed Vampire Chronicles author Anne Rice is in the midst of promoting her new book, which focuses on angels. Now that the author has moved on from her bloodthirsty pursuits, she’s been tuning into some vampire stories by other people. Rice admits, “I really enjoy the HBO series True Blood.” When I was writing my own, I wouldn’t have wanted to be influenced.”

While she hasn’t read any of the Twilight books, Anne did watch the movie and sounded off on it as well. She adds, “I think many girls mature much earlier than boys, and they are frustrated when they approach young boys for love or protection.  Hence the fantasy of a wise and protective vampire coming into the life of a young girl who, of course, appreciates him in a special way.”

I like them both, but there’s something about those vampires from the Bayou that really get me going.

~ by jennylilbit on November 9, 2009.

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