Jennifer Garner

Almost a year after giving birth to her second child, Jennifer Garner has swapped her ‘soccer mom’ jeans for high fashion in a stylish new shoot.

The actress, who has stepped away from the Hollywood spotlight in recent times to look after baby Seraphina and Violet, 4, rediscovered her glamorous side for W magazine.

The 37-year-old is almost unrecognisable in the January issue as she poses in a classic Chanel suit and a fashion-forward Lanvin jumpsuit – a far cry from her usual school run attire.

Jennifer Garner

It marks a return to form for Jennifer, who has steadily – and sensibly – lost the weight she gained during her most recent pregnancy.

Jennifer admits that her self-esteem took a temporary blow while she was expecting, citing Halloween last year as a real low point.

She recalls how Violet had managed to convince her into a mother-daughter costume: Fred and Ted, the dogs from a children’s book series.

‘I just was so fat and huge and ugly and in a furry dog costume,’ she told the publication.

‘And of course there were tons of paparazzi outside and I couldn’t escape them!’

Still, Jennifer, who is married to actor Ben Affleck, says she revells in motherhood and is very much a hands on parent.

As she tells it, her typical days involves ‘getting the kids up and fed, getting one to school, getting the other down for a nap, going to the grocery store, picking one up from school, getting the other one down for another nap, cooking dinner.’

She even makes her own baby food.

‘I tell myself, just give her a jar of food and forget about it! Don’t be so precious! But it’s so easy–I just puree and freeze,’ she says.

Jennifer Garner

Aside from filming a small part in the upcoming ensemble romcom Valentine’s Day in February, she has largely focused on looking after her family.

‘I live my life at these two extremes. I’m either a full-time stay-at-home mom or a full-time actress,’ she says.

Jennifer also tells the magazine that was with Ben for only a year when they decided to ‘start breeding.’

‘We were like, “Let’s have a baby!” And eight days later…’

The pair married in June 2005 when Jennifer was three months pregnant.

Orlando Pita, hairstylist extraordinaire and runway favorite, is often our go-to guy for celebrity covers (and just about anything else, for that matter). For the January issue, he worked with actress Jennifer Garner for the first time, turning her from a jeans-clad mom of two to a contemporary screen siren. We asked Pita all about one-day shoot, which took place at Milk Studios in Los Angeles.

What was the inspiration for the cover?
We were doing the look I had done for the Dior [spring] show since she was wearing Dior. It was a modern day take on a Lauren Bacall, Old Hollywood style of hair.

You had to hide her bangs, right?
Yes, you can’t get that look with bangs. You look like Betty Page then!

Was Garner game?
She was really easy to work with. The fashion was quite extreme. She usually has a girl-next-door kind of image and she doesn’t really push the fashion thing too much, but she went for it and was really trusting of all of us, even though I think she was working with us for the first time.

Tell us about the hair in that gorgeous profile shot of Jennifer in the white Chanel suit.
I was thinking, “I have to get the hair to stand up like the skirt.” I looked to the side and I saw a piece of cardboard and I said to my assistant Chris, “Get that cardboard!” I tore a piece off and pinned it to her hair to make it stand up like that. I told her, “Don’t worry, just keep posing like you are, there’s just a piece of cardboard in your hair.” And she was like, “Oh, okay.”

So there was no fan blowing?
No, it was just cardboard, pins and last-minute inspiration.

Isn’t that the best kind?
I think these are the shoots that end up being the really good ones, the ones that come together at the last minute with the personality of the person and the clothes. When you plan everything and you research it and talk about it for a week, the expectations are always lowered. It’s when things come together in a spontaneous way that usually are the most magical shoots.

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