Nicole Kidman walks red carpet without blending her makeup for NYC Premiere of

It seemed the 42-year-old’s make-up artist hadn’t blended her cosmetics perfectly as loose white face powder was clearly visible on her nose and under her eyes.

The mother-of-three had clearly put a lot of effort into looking chic on a star-studded red carpet that featured such glamorous co-stars as Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard, Fergie and Penelope Cruz.

Kidman’s black embellished Prada prom dress was cut daringly low but her overall look was let down by her powdery face.

Last month, the famously lean star admitted she had lost the curves she gained while pregnant and breastfeeding daughter Sunday Rose.

But those who attended the screening in Manhattan last night may disagree after seeing her cleavage nearly escape from her low-cut strapless dress.

She said: ‘I had big boobs because I was breastfeeding – I was perfect for it. I wouldn’t get cast now.

‘They’re not very big, my boobs, so they just became normal size. I loved it. I felt very Woman. When you’ve had a slightly androgynous body your whole life, having breasts is a nice feeling.’

Meanwhile, it emerged today that Kidman had refused to answer questions about Scientology when interviewed on the BBC during her trip to London last week.

Kidman practised the controversial religion during her ten-year marriage to Tom Cruise, but has since returned to Catholicism.

When asked about the religion by Andrew Marr on his BBC One show, Kidman froze.

The awkward exchange was cut from Sunday’s episode, but has attracted a lot of hits online.

A nervous Kidman then replied: ‘There are many things I haven’t talked about.’

Cutting straight to the point, Marr asked: ‘Here’s one. Scientology – a lot of people would say it is a bullying cult.’

A stunned Kidman was left silent, before composing herself: ‘I just don’t… This is just so not… I’m here to publicise Nine. If I was here to do an exposé on myself then I’d be like, “Let’s go”, but I have no interest in discussing any of that.’

After Marr pressed her again: ‘You don’t want to talk about Scientology?, she answered firmly, ‘No, I’ll talk about Nine.’ 

Meanwhile Madonna turned the premiere into a family affair as she arrived with daughter Lourdes.

The film may have been set in the Sixties, but Madonna was clearly going for an Eighties look as she turned up in a figure-hugging outfit strongly reminiscent of her Like A Prayer look.

Marr started off the topic by asking Kidman to talk about ‘one of the things you haven’t talked about before’.

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon arrive at the premiere of the film

 Daniel Day-Lewis, Fergie, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman and Dame Judi Dench attend the New York premiere of

Starry line-up: Kidman joined her Nine co-stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Fergie, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard and Dame Judi Dench

Penelope Cruz at premierekate hudson at premiere
Marion Cotillard at the New York premiere of Nine

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