It seems that moviegoers may never stop howling at the moon that is the Twilight series, but all good things must come to an end eventually. While Hollywood’s obsession with vampires and werewolves definitely has plenty of life before it gasps its last breath, there may be a new fantasy trend on the horizon. The next two years will see a glut of big screen features rooted in Greek mythology. With so many upcoming swords-and-sandals epics, maybe last summer’s gladiator sandals won’t be so passé by next July after all:
Clash of the Titans : A remake of the 1981 fantasy film, this 2010 release is about an apocalyptic war between the gods. Perseus (Sam Worthington), born as a god but raised as a man, heads a mission to defeat Hades (Ralph Fiennes) before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson). While it may not have the camp factor that made the original such a hit, an all-star cast, impressive special effects, and beautiful sets – not to mention a video game adaptation scheduled to be released along with the movie – may bring a second box office victory for the flick. Or, at the very least, it may inspire viewers to book a summer vacation to Athens.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief : The expected successor to the iconic Harry Potter franchise is based on Rick Riordan’s young adult book series of the same name. (The film is even directed by Chris Columbus who did the first two Harry Potter movies.) The story juxtaposes modern day Gotham with ancient Greece, with rising star Logan Lerman starring as Percy Jackson, a young boy growing up in Manhattan who discovers that he’s the son of Poseidon and must deal with the consequences. The cast of characters includes Uma Thurman as Medusa, Rosario Dawson as Persephone, and Pierce Brosnan as Chiron. Perhaps being a middle school demigod will prepare Percy for high school, where he’ll have to contend with the wicked villains of NYC Prep.
Thor : Come 2011, we may see the biggest comic book hero to hit the big screen since Spidey. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this film adaption of the classic Marvel comic promises to captivate viewers with the madcap adventures of Norse thunder god Thor. The cast includes Natalie Portman as Thor’s mortal love interest, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, father of Thor and king of the Norse gods, and Chris Hemsworth in the title role. If he’s lucky, the role will do at least as much for Hemsworth’s star power as what playing Hercules did for Ryan Gosling’s.

~ by jennylilbit on December 18, 2009.

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